Open Cart Development Is OpenCart a Good Choice For Your eStore By Elinsys, 18th Oct 2017

In today’s online world, businesses need to make their stores attractive and appealing to their potential customers to ensure that they have an edge over the competition. This essentially means that the underlying platform that supports it should be robust and should support all the required features.

Here’s why Open cart could be your preferred choice for building your ecommerce store.

Simple store setup

Open cart has a straightforward setup process, and is one of the major benefits. This platform was specifically designed with the users in mind. Not only the tech savvy ones, but the ones that have no idea about programming can easily operate the store and set it up.

There are four simple steps to launch your online shop with Open Cart

  • Install Open Cart
  • Choose one of the wide range of open cart themes,
  • Add products and fill in product details
  • Configure functions and modules like languages payment and shipment methods.

You will be instantly ready to receive orders and sell products. You do not require technical knowledge and can easily install and manage your online store without too much help.

Performance and usability

Customer shopping experiences are defined by many factors. One of the most important factors is site speed. The sooner they can navigate and walk through the site, the better. Open cart shopping is lightweight and uses AJAX technology to reduce load and thus increase the store speed. Further, the open cart admin panel is easy to use and doesn’t require too much time to learn it. Managing the store becomes as simple as a pie as it provides numerous features such as one page checkout, smart site structure that simplify shop navigation, handy search, etc. That provides greater usability to enhance user experiences.

Multistore functionality

Open cart supports multistore functionality that allows to manage several different stores from one admin panel. You can:

  • Set up customer groups for each store which provides a possibility to have some stores for retail customer and another for wholesale.
  • Localize each store for different countries. You can set different default currency, language and tax class.
  • Use different themes for different shops.
  • Manage single inventory for multiple stores, etc.

Features and Extensions

Open cart is known for its high level of functionality. There is a wide range of features it provides. You can also extend the existing features as it provides over 7000+ extensions for this purpose.

  • OpenCart provides a possibility to setup multiple tax zones, this means that, taxes will be paid depending on the country where goods will be bought and shipped to.
  • 23 payment gateways set by default and additional ones in the OpenCart extension section.
  • With advanced report system store owners are able to calculate the total amount of sales per day/week/month. Moreover, you will have a possibility to track which products customers are most interested in.

It’s important that you decide all the features you require for successfully running your store online, and then decide the ecommerce platform you wish to use.

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