Java Script, Node.JS Web Development Popular Java Scripts That Completely Changed The Way The Web Works By Elinsys, 26th Feb 2018

The popularity of Java script keeps increasing by the day. The world of development has seen a lot of changes – Angular JS and the upgrade to Angular 2. jQuery dominated the world of development world for quite some time. NodeJS and ReactJS and lot more scripts have completely changed the way the web works.

Angular JS

Angular JS has a lot of benefits that make it one of the top most Java Script frameworks. It enables easy testing of any app and also has two way data binging. This means that changes in the backend are immediately reflected on the UI. Ever since its release, it has changed the ecosystem beyond imagination. It is one of the most used JS frameworks – especially for single page applications.

Angular 2

Angular 2 comes with a long list of features that enable developers to build amazing web apps for both desktop and mobile. The framework is built with TypeScript from Microsoft and makes Java Script more agile and attractive for large enterprises. It features a component based architecture, improved DI (Dependency injection), efficient logging service, intercomponent communications and more.

Both the Angulars are good optoions for enterprise based applications with high standards of coding.

React JS

React is more of a library than a framework. It stands behind user interfaces of Facebook and Instagram showing it efficiency with dynamic, high traffic applications. It is considered as one of the fastst growing JS framework. In the MVC pattern, React acts as V and can be easily and seamlessly integrated with any architecture. Due to the usage of virtual DOM it provides a higher performance boost than the other frameworks. It makes development of the app pretty straightforward and  easy to understand. It’s a perfect fit for complex, high load and awesome software solutions.

Vue JS

Vue 2.0, introduced in 2016 took the best from Angualr, React and Ember and put it all into a single handy package. It is proved to be faster and leaner as compared to the other scripts including React and Angular 2.0. VueJS offers two way data binging like Angualr JS and server side rendering too. Vue-Cli and optionsal JSX support. It is one of the fastest frameworks and is a better choice for quick development of cross platform solutions. It can become a basis for high end single page websites.

Ember JS

Ember was known as the best Java Script framework for web application development. Today it boasts of a huge online community, regular updates and wide application of Java Script best practices to ensure ultimate experiences for visitors. Ember features a two way data binding and ensures prompt server side rendering of DOM improving the performance of complex IU’s drastically.

Meteor JS

Meteor JS is among the most popular Java Script frameworks and has tons of features for backend development, frontend rendering, database management and business logic. It is a full stack platform the enables fast development of end to end web and mobile applications in Java Script. It has a modular structure and the packages and libraries can be used at pace. All the changes in the database changes are immediately transmitted to the UI.

Selecting the right option For Java Script is essential for developing the right app for your business!

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