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Back in those days, HTML was a perfect template language that could be used for creating static web documents. Web applications of today are however more feature demanding and require being more interactive and dynamic. Angular JS is one of the new structural frameworks that can be of help in using Single page HTML for declaring dynamic web views in Web apps. Put differently, this is a framework that stretches HTML’s syntax in order to let your app’s components be expressed clearly and precisely.

It was designed by Google and this in itself happens to be one of its prime advantages. There’s a large community to help new as well as honed developers working towards its betterment – which essentially means that clients get exactly what they are looking for. Dependency injection as well as data binding ensures that large part of the code that the programmer writes is automated. For clients, this can translate into valuable time saving. Angular JS offers higher levels of abstraction to the programmers and hence goes a long way in simplifying the app development and reducing the development time.

What is Angualar JS used for?

Angualar JS is basically used for creating dynamic applications. Here are a few examples:

Video streaming apps

Angular JS can be used to create incredible apps that can be used to upload streaming videos. For example, YouTube’s app for Sony PS3 was developed in Angular JS. Another popular app that is developed in angular JS is Netflix

User review applications

Customer’s voice matters more than anything today. Customers of today are also keen on reading reviews before making a buying decision. It helps them decide and be sure about what they are investing in. Angular JS can be perfect for building such review apps. One good example of this kind of app is the GoodFilms app.

Travel apps

Angular JS has dynamic features to support the development of travel apps. JetBlue’s website makes use of Angular JS too!

Weather Apps

Weather apps too require dynamic features to update the data constantly. You will be surprised to know that the most renowned weather app – has been built using Angular JS.

User generated content portals

While creating apps that offer user generated content, Angular JS can be your most promising option. One perfect example of this is It is a platform for employers to post their projects and interested candidates to present their profiles.

eCommerce websites

Angular JS can also be used to develop eCommerce websites and provide all the necessary features for creating a great user experience. Similarly, you can also create mobile commerce websites with this platform. MallZee is one of the popular examples of this implementation.

Social Apps

One of the most common implementation of Angular JS is social media apps. One of the most interesting examples is the LinkedIn app.

Above all, Angular JS is the perfect platform if you need to create dynamic, feature rich apps that provide users with a number of features to make the apps interactive and engaging.

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