Website Design Service Proper Use of Fonts for Web Designing By Elinsys, 18th May 2011
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Good web design is strength of any website. The most important aspect of a website is its design and that is reason why web designers prefer custom website designing so as to create a perfect website.

Fonts change the overall look of the website and appeal your business web design, so it becomes very necessary to select them correctly. Selection of proper fonts is equally important to get an attractive and good looking website. Using right fonts for your website also makes sure that the important content of the website is readable and visible to the visitors visiting your website.

Light fonts are thinner and slimmer compared to other fonts. That is why they are not used much in a web page. If you using light and thin fonts and your content is more than it will make your web page look cluttered and it will be unreadable. Light fonts always look best when the text is short to draw more attention. Moreover, light fonts looks best when used in title, sub titles, tags, and navigation buttons.

Any lighter font is difficult to read when it is smaller than 14 pt. and even proper color combination while using them is equally important as its size. White on black or black on white are the best options for these kinds of fonts. The overall concept is dark font color on light background and light font color on dark background.

On other hand, if we use too big font size than it gives an impression that there is not enough content to write. So it is necessary to recognize the proper size of fonts needed for your web page and using them on your website.

The correct way of driving traffic towards your website lies in the display and overall appearance of the website. Therefore, the screen of your website plays an important role to get more web traffic.

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