Wordpress Development Questions to ask before you hire a WordPress Developer By Elinsys, 13th Jun 2016

Finding a WordPress developer is easy. Finding the one that is a perfect match for your project is quite a task. For that, you will need to have a crystal clear idea of your requirements and analyze whether WordPress can support all the features you are expecting. After you do a little homework yourself, you can confidently hire WordPress Developer and ask him to following questions:

What data would the developer require to begin with?

Developers will expect you to provide them with sufficient data to begin with. They would require your company profile, what your business does and what your website should look like. This will help them select an appropriate color scheme, understand the structure of your website and decide the features they need to include. A developer would also require the content that you wish to place on your website. Images are also required.

But, it is best that you ask the developer about the data he requires. Understanding this will give your project a good start.

Is he going to use an existing theme and customize it or build from scratch?

Ask the developer whether he is going to use an existing theme and customize it, or build the website from scratch. WordPress provides you with various options. You can either download and use a theme or customize it. You can also design a theme from scratch and use it for your website. Downloading themes are inexpensive. It fosters rapid development and the time to complete your project is shortened. The glitch he is that if you use the theme without any customization, your website will end up looking like someone else’s (who has also downloaded the same theme). Hence ask the WordPress developer to customize the theme you are using.

What about mobile friendliness?

Mobile friendly sites definitely have an advantage in search engine rankings. So, before you begin development, make sure that you confirm with the developer whether the website will be mobile friendly. There are two ways to go about it. Firstly, you can build a separate website for mobile devices, or you can build a responsive website that adjusts itself to the various screen sizes seen in mobile devices.


WordPress offers a lot of plugins to include a myriad of features into your website. You can add search engine optimization plugin, or any such plug ins that boost the functionality of your website. The developer should be competent enough to understand and include all the plugins that will benefit your business.

Other than this, make sure that you ask the developer for his portfolio and ensure that he has enough experience working with WordPress. Also, ask about the maintenance of the website. You do not want to be left wondering what to do if anything fails after delivery. Finally, make sure that the developer has all the knowledge to build your business website as per your requirements.

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