Java Script, Mobile App Development Reactjs –Why is it so successful? By Elinsys, 21st Aug 2017

Building interactive interfaces is become a necessity. In fact, developing each component of the website requires thorough thought and tireless efforts. Reactjs is one of the Java Script frameworks that make the task of developing interactive and engaging websites more simple. Reactjs was introduced by the development community of Facebook and is considered a sought after alternative for creating compelling websites and user friendly web applications. It opens new ways to provide new opportunities to make them creative.

Here are some of the most important features of Reactjs


Reactjs is an easy framework to work with and provides a level of interactivity to the layout of any user interface. Also, it provides businesses with a quality assured application that saves a lot of time of the clients as well as the developers.


It facilitates significant data changes, which in turn results in automatic selection and modification in the selected parts of the user interfaces. Due to this advanced functionality, there is no need to perform any additional functions to update your user interface.

Provides component reusability

Reusability is one feature that delights every developer. With this platform developers can reuse the components and reduces the development efforts and ensures that the apps perform flawlessly.

Why is reactjs so successful?

Integrated with the lightweight DOM

Reactjs implements the DOM (Document, Object, Model) flawlessly. It does not use the browser, but allows the developers to manipulate the existing DOM that is available in the memory. The performance of the app automatically is enhanced.

The Java Library

The blend of Java Script and HTML syntax helps simplify the entire process of writing the code for the proposed project. In the JS library, there is specific function that converts HTML components into the required functions and makes the entire project easy to understand and also has various parameters available for use.

Outstanding component support

Reactjs is a perfect combination of JavaScript and HTML tags. It is now easy to deal with a vast set of data containing document object model.  It works as an mediator that represents the DOM and enables to decide which component needs changes to get the exact results.

Best of SEO

Traditionally it has been observed that the projects developed in JS are not SEO friendly. With so many improvements in and a lot of research Facebook introduced Reactjs that has all the relevant search engine friendly features.

Efficient data binding

Reactjs provides one way data binding so that you can track all the changes made by any segment of the data.

Some of the other promising features of Reactjs are that it makes JavaScript coding easier. It is extremely efficient and provides excellent cross platform support. It has excellent features for cross platform support. It has some amazing development tools and helps create UI focused designs. Above all, with so many features available, it is very easy to adopt and use in any of your app development projects and achieve excellent results exceeding client expectations.

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