Open Source Development Reasons Why Businesses Prefer Open Source These Days By Elinsys, 19th Jul 2016

It is becoming apparent that price is not the only criteria for selecting open source software for development these days. Of course, the expensive proprietary software has it’s own advantages, but those really don’t matter for those in love with open source software.

For decades now open source web development has been adopted by many businesses to build websites of all types and have realized the advantages of open source are far more valuable than the low price it offers.

Here are some of the advantages of open source web development


With the term open source it’s hard to think of superior security. Quite the contrary, open source software can be made as secure and you wish them to be. Moreover, since they have an open source code, you can customize the security to suit the requirements of your business. It may not be a good idea to assume that proprietary software is very secure, simply because the source code is not available for public view.


Open source software is developed and managed by an entire community of developers and developers are given the freedom to innovate and add to the source code as per their wish. This not only adds innovative features to the software, but since there are people other than a bunch of developers who are adding to the code and reviewing it, the final product turns out to be of a superior quality.


This is an obvious point to consider. Open source provides the source files to the developers and hence the customizability of the software increases. Businesses can take a piece of code or a feature within the software and tweak it to suit their business requirements. This flexibility provided by open source makes it a very popular means for web development.


Businesses that wish to free themselves from vendor locking definitely select open source web development. It gives them the freedom to get their software developed from any vendor they choose at anytime, because the source code is always available. They no longer have to rely or depend on a single vendor to update or upgrade their software.


Businesses grow and require their software to be customized as per the latest addition of products and services in their businesses. Open source provides businesses with the kind of scalability they require to scale and grow.

Audit ability

With proprietary software you need to rely on the vendor’s claims that the software is secure and is developed by adhering to development standards. Once you have the source code at your disposal, you can easily audit it and see it for yourself.


Proprietary software definitely is pricy that is for sure. You can be sure that your total cost of implementing open source will definitely be cheaper than that of proprietary.

So, if you are still looking for options, and are stuck between proprietary or open source software, these were a few points to support your case!

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