PHP Web Development Research Well Before You Hire a PHP Developer By Elinsys, 09th Mar 2016

Finding PHP talent today is an easy task, but finding the right talent that suits your project requirements is quite a task. Depending on your business requirements, you have plenty of options to choose from too. Well, there are plenty of criteria to keep in mind when it comes to hiring the right programmer for your project. If you understand development and need to outsource PHP projects, it is an easy task but for those who have nothing to do with programming, the task becomes quite daunting.

Here are a few tips to remember when you hire PHP developers:

  • To begin with, evaluate your requirements. To prepare a very basic website with minimal features, it may not be necessary to hire an expert level programmer. Then again it depends on the delivery time required and the budget. Well, you can hire expert level programmers, medium level and basic level.
  • A basic level programmer can give you exactly what you require, and at a budget price too. A medium level programmer can help you convert your business ideas to reality with some amount of consultation on the use of technology etc. An expert level PHP programmer can provide you with excellent websites and also include all the features that you require to stay competitive and at the top!
  • There are plenty of options when it comes to hiring PHP developers. You can hire dedicated PHP developers or hire a team. It is necessary that you understand the hiring models before you begin. If you have a fixed budget and a single project at hand, you can check out dedicated programmers and fix the price before you begin. Individual contributors generally provide you with undivided attention to your project and makes communication easy.
  • Hiring a team is a great idea too. Depending on the project at hand and the delivery time and the diverse skill set required, you can take a decision about hiring a team or a dedicated programmer.

Whichever model you select, make sure that you have evaluated your requirements first. Make sure that you are crystal clear about what you want. Only then will you be able to explain to the developers what the project is about. Well, after that, evaluate the skill levels of the programmers and match the skills and the expertise to your requirements. Check out the portfolio of the developers. Once you get to see their previous work, you get an idea of what to expect. The number of years of experience is important, but the existing portfolio is what shows the expertise with which the programmer works.

Most of the developers or teams (PHP Development Companies) today have an online portfolio or a website that showcases their work.

Overall, it is important that you hire the right talent for your project at the price that is convenient to you. So, research your options well and get an estimate from various PHP programmers and then take a decision!

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