Website Design Service Responsibilities of a Web Designer By Elinsys, 20th May 2011

Along with growing demand of Information Technology, web design is also gaining equal popularity. Because of this, lots of people are taking web designing as their profession.

Working as a Web Designer comes with an important burden of responsibility. For example when a designer is assigned a job of developing a web page specifically for someone’s business than he/she is confronted with a situation where even a small error can spoil the business of that someone.

Web Designers are responsible for developing the overall look and feel of the web pages for a client’s website. For achieving this, good graphic design is needed to be developed that effectively communicates the ideas which are being promoted through the website. He/she may also take part in the initial planning of the website following communication with clients like meeting with the client to discuss ideas for the layout and proper organization of the website, the types of colors or images to use, and many other matters required to decide upon overall graphic design.

Once the basic concept of the website is clear and decided, the web designer must collect the text documents and images that are going to appear on the page and convert them into a form by which they can be viewed. For doing this, web designer should have a good knowledge of HTML – a scripting language used to create web pages. He/she should also have a sound knowledge of HTML extensions – programs that helps in adding extra features to web pages such as animations and interactive surveys.

To create web pages is also a part responsibility of a designer that can be used on any type of server and can be viewed with any type of browser. For performing this, he/she should have a good understanding of issues related to browser/server compatibility. They should also know the computer languages like JavaScript, etc which can be used to create web pages that are compatible with most hardware and software. Testing the site for functionality in different browsers and fixing errors if any, is also done by a web designer.

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