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Businesses are increasingly embracing the developing technology for expansion and growth. Walking hands in hands with technology ensures them business efficiency and profitability. In the latest technological update, smart phones and tablets have gained immense popularity. They have changed the way businesses are conducted. Increasing reliance on them has paved the way for businesses to utilize them optimally. They are increasingly satisfying the users and enhancing the user experience. Before the introduction of smart phones, web developers only task was to create websites that are compatible with desktop computer browsers. However, viewing a website from a desktop and a smart phone are two different things. Click versus touch, screen-size, pixel resolution, and support for flash technology and optimized markup are some of the points of differences. With smart phones capturing the market it is important for developers to create websites that can be viewed even by mobile users.

Now let’s look into this concept that involves creating websites compatible with smart devices and tablets. It is called Responsive Web Design or RWD. It is an approach that involves laying-out and coding a website in such a way that it provides a website an optimal viewing experience. An effective Responsive Web Design enables ease of reading and navigation with minimum requirement to resize, pan and scroll for a website across a wide range of devices. A responsive web design enables you to view a website conveniently on various devices including desktop monitors and smart devices.

It is important for businesses to adopt responsive web design to cater to a wide customer base. It also helps them attract more number of clients. Many businesses feel that responsive design is an expensive option. However, this is a myth. In reality, though the cost of making a responsive website is greater than creating a responsive website, the collective cost of creating a duplicate website for mobile and other devices is quite higher. If a business owner goes for hiring responsive web design services then he can eliminate all the cost of creating a duplicate website. Apart from this a responsive design cuts down the total ownership cost. It takes away the efforts needed to maintain various versions of a website. Overall, in the long term, it would be wise for a business to go for a responsive website rather than to create duplicate websites for different devices.

As the number of smart phone users is increasing by the minute, the web traffic originating from these devices is also on the rise. Increasing number of people are accessing websites using their smart phones and tablets. Hence, it would be preferable for businesses to avail of the services of responsive web designers. It is known fact that content is the king. However, this content must be discoverable to be able to fetch positive business results. A responsive web design helps visitors in easily discovering the content on any website using a device of their own choice and at their own convenient time. Thus, responsive web design offers optimal user experience no matter what device is used to access the website.

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