Direct Mail Marketing The Right Approach to a Direct Mail Campaign By Elinsys, 30th Jan 2017

A successful print and mail campaign could skyrocket your business profits. The key to the success of your campaign lies in your approach. There are a few golden rules to follow. Let’s discuss them in detail:

Get a list

Building a mailing list is the first step towards running a successful mailing campaign. Knowing who your audience is, is just as important. Create a mailing list of those customers who are most likely to respond positively to your campaign.

Value added promotions

The second rule to run a successful campaign is – value added promotion. Remember that this campaign is an ‘investment’ and you expect great ‘returns’ at the end of it. It is hence important to give your customers a reason to purchase ‘now’ rather than later. Make sure that your offer is unique and provides value to the customer too. Make the offer time limited too so that it creates a sense of urgency and generate more responses.

A great design

It’s important to have a great design for your mail in order to reinforce the message it contains. Especially when the direct mail is delivered to the hands of the customer – it should have the potential to evoke a response. Follow the basic design rules and get creative wherever necessary. Hire print and mail services if necessary to ensure that you have a winning copy. A professional will lend a lot more credibility to your campaign and will be worth the investment you make.

Hire great printing services

The quality of print you use also determines the customer’s response to your mail. Low quality prints bring about negative impressions and customers easily put them away without even a second glance. So, look for high quality printing services and get a perfect print copy of your marketing material. Many of these companies also provide mailing services or partner with mail houses. So, look for hiring the right print and mail services as they can save time and money for your campaign. These mail houses already have ready lists of customers and their addresses and have all the resources and the right infrastructure to run a successful campaign.

Write an effective mail copy

The promotional mail copy must identify with the target audience. Make sure that you not only describe your product, but also include important point about how it will benefit the user. Use a compelling call to action and ensure that it is easy to follow through.

Choose the right medium

There could be several medium you could use for direct mail. For example, a brochure, a postcard or a greeting card or a plain sales letter – think of the emotions the medium evokes and then choose the one that suits your campaign. After all the type of medium and it’s quality adds to the credibility of your business adds to the brand value.

Step in the customer’s shoes

For a while, stop thinking about your business and think from a customer’s point of view. Instead of approaching them as your prospects, think about what they would want from your business. How would you react if you got a postcard – or a brochure – or a sales letter? Take a decision after you have considered the customer’s point of view.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to test your ideas and more importantly always follow up with your customers. It adds a personal touch and the campaign.

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