Website Design Service Role of Typography in Web Design By Elinsys, 28th Mar 2011

Typography is a primary part of web design. Typography refers to create a superior impact by selection of fonts, size, colors, layout, alignment and other things which affects the type of design on the web page. It uses typefaces and the whitespace around and through them to create whole design of the website.

While selecting fonts and their sizes many things should be kept in mind like their contrast, color combinations, they are readable or not properly and placing them at right places. Colors play a very important part as the overall look of the website depends on them and how they contrasted with other colors and fonts. Size is also an important factor when the font style is selected as the size differs according to the different styles of fonts. It should be such that it is best suited with the design of the page and should be easy to read at the same time.

Font size settings should be done properly. The popular and best units of measurement for font sizes are em, percentage and pixels. Some other units of measurements are also available like millimeters. Centimeters, points, inches and others. Em is the most widely used for web designing purpose as it gives finer increments of sizes while many people prefer percentage unit as it provides user control of font sizes.

Web safe fonts is a group of selected few fonts which are available on most computers and selected fonts from it gives a surety of better control over your text that how it looks on all browsers and operating systems.

Selecting fonts which are almost similar should be avoided. The biggest mistake that a web designer make is lack of typography consistency so the best practice to set font size, style, height, etc on all the web pages through CSS.

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