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Direct mail marketing could be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. If not done right, it could also turn into a big black hole where you pour your money and do not get any returns on your investment. To remain on the right side of the ledger, you need to follow these tips.

Identify your mailing list Generate a thorough mailing list depending on its purpose. Well, if you are offering samples or sending brochures etc. There are certain things to consider. Do not send the mail to just anybody and everybody you know. Create a target list depending on the type of market you wish to attract. So, the key point here is to identify your mailing list.

Test and learn There is no marketing strategy that can be implemented by the book. There is always scope for testing and learning. In fact it is a never-ending cycle of testing and learning. As mentioned earlier, blindly mailing a list of names will not yield positive results. Instead, work systematically. Identify segments of the list from which you expect better response than the others based on the specific offer that you are making. Check out the details of each person on the list and make sure that the offer you are making is valid and relevant to those on the list. Furthermore, test multiple offers all that are substantially different. For example, if you are reducing the cost by 10 percent, is the volume increasing proportionately to cover the lost margin? Also, remember that one offer may be more profitable with a particular segment and another may simply appeal to a different segment.


Select the envelope and other mailing accessories with care. Think about whether the envelop adds value to the offer it carries inside. A great offer might as well have a great envelope so that it evokes the interest of the receiver to open it and read what’s inside.

Response model

Think of the response model too. If you are expecting a huge response from your campaign, you might want to set up a response model that directs them to a customer support team or sales team etc. Well, it is important to test this too. Choose a small sample size carefully and test the performance of your campaign. Be practical though. If you choose a really small sample size, the results may not help analyze anything.

Analyze your results Your testing results need to be analyzed if you want to have a better marketing campaign for final implementation. Make sure that you understand the full economics of your testing. Consider your mailing costs and the response rates. Draw up a profitability model that will balance your mails, responses and the profits you make from the campaign.

Rolling out the campaign Once you have identified the profitable segments of your mailing lists, roll out maximum volume of your campaign to that segment.

Use direct mail marketing service

Well, it’s not necessary that you perform all these tasks in-house. A direct mailing service could be of great help especially since they have all the details of your potential customers and their most updated addresses.  Do some research and select the right mailing partner to work with you on your campaigns. A well managed mailing program and a perfectly rolled out campaign could be very profitable for your business.

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