Search Engine Optimization Search Quality Highlights – April By Elinsys, 07th May 2012

The fresh list of changes to Google’s Algorithmis out. Google has published it on their official blog. Here are a few important one’s for us Search Engine Optimization professionals to learn about. The detailed list and description can be read from Google’s blog.

  • More diverse results to categorize paginated documents.
  • More language-relevant navigational results.
  • Country identification for webpages.
  • The bug that handled anchors has been fixed in this update!
  • Search results shall contain diverse domains in the results and not many results from the same domain.
  • Search results shall now contain more organizations from your country. There are also some improvements to local navigational searches.
  • Scoring of search terms are improved.
  • Text from the beginning of your pages will be included in snippets. Also there is an improvement in the snippets generation process.
  • Improvements for the freshness of results
  • Better query interpretation.
  • Improvement for news results and user interface change for breaking news.
  • Local query predictions now improved.
  • Improvements to triggering of public data search feature.
  • Improvements to spell corrections. For long queries, more languages – internationally.
  • Further improvements in safesearch for videos and images.
  • Increase base index size by 15%.——-New index tier.
  • Better ranking of expanded sitelinks.
  • Less snippet duplication in expanded sitelinks.
  • Improvement in the Keyword stuffing classifier
  • Improved and more authoritative results.
  • Better HTML5 resource caching for mobile.

These are just to name a few changes to Google’s Algorithm. As said earlier, there have been 52 changes last month – April. You can check the entire list on Google’s website. Let us as Search Engine Optimization professionals be aware and make use of these changes to our benefit.

Image Source: Google

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