Search Engine Optimization SEO linking strategies to get noticed By Elinsys, 21st Mar 2011

Inbound links plays a very important role in Search Engine Optimization and should not be ignored. Inbound links plays the role of doors to a website through which the traffic of visitors can enter to your website. So to get more net traffic it is necessary to build maximum inbound links. Back links are mostly found on other websites which points/links towards your website. So every website wishes to have more inbound links to they have high rank in SEO.

Having more number of inbound links will make the website more user-friendly and more attractive to get more users to visit it. With more links the website will become more popular in Google and when these links starts to work it adds your ranking in Google so the results of SEO can be seen. Link popularity is the main factor major search engines use to rank websites which makes link building an integral part of any effective search engine optimization strategy.

Along with this with more inbound links you also have a benefit of attract traffic from those sites linking your website from their own visitors. An increase of traffic leads to increase in your profitability. Links placed in a positive way also helps in making the potential customer trust you.

You should be choosy enough for the selection of the sites where you intend to keep link of your site as the crawlers and search engine algorithms take into account the quality of the site linking to you. Looking to the benefits of inbound links you should not add more links to the website instead quality should be maintained. Moreover exchanging links to the sites which are totally not related to yours can damage your efforts.

Other strategies to get noticed are one-way link building, bookmarking, and blog commenting and so on. If this is done in correct manner then higher rankings can be achieved for the website.

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