Social Media Marketing Social Media in 2012 By Elinsys, 10th Jan 2012

Social Media has been a huge hype in the recent years. In 2012, what different would it be? Marketers will need it more and more for sure. Looking back at the past few years, we have seen Facebook grow and today it has more than 800 million users monthly. Well, Twitter an already popular social network, is gaining popularity in the mobile world too. It is integrated in iPhone and many Androids. Facebook has become an interface that integrates features for personal use and business use including marketing requirements too. It’s got chat, messages (like email), wall posts, ads and fan pages for promotions – everything that you can think about in a social media. Similarly with Google+ entering the social media market, users have a whole list of services to take advantage of and use social media more effectively.

Mobile usage is on the rise. Well, to be very specific, smartphones and tablets are getting viral. And social media expansion definitely includes the integration in smartphones. Users will definitely benefit by this mobilized access to social media. So, in 2012, social media is not going anywhere. It’s in fact going to be more accessible, more available and more mobile!

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