Some SEO Tools

1] Free Firefox Extensions:

  1. SEO Toolbar – Competitive and search data directly inserted in results obtained by searching.
  2. Rank Checker – It tracks rankings easily and automatically on all important search engines.

2] Free Web based SEO Tools:

  1. Keyword Suggestion Tools – By this tool, you can get keyword suggestions and the detailed statistics.
  2. Keyword List Generator – This tool is used to compare keyword lists against each other.
  3. Keyword List Cleaner – It simply cleans your keyword lists.
  4. Meta tag Generator – It generates Meta tags for your web page.
  5. Server Header Checker – It verifies that your server is sending the correct headers or not.
  6. Link Suggestion Tool – It suggests keywords to search for to find relevant link sources.
  7. Spider Test Tool – By this tool you can view your web page like a search engine spider.
  8. Keyword Density Analyzer – It analyzes the keyword density of your page as well as competing pages.
  9. Page Comparison Tool – It compares your page with competing pages to find keywords.
  10. Ad Group Generator – Generates ad groups to upload to AdWords and AdCenter.

seo_tool3] Premium Firefox Extensions:

  1. Website Health Check – It quickly checks for many common SEO issues.
  2. Duplicate Content Checker – Find pages that contain sentences matching your content.

4] Premium SEO Tools:

  1. Local Rank – Links to top ranked Google pages from other top ranked results.
  2. Hub Finder – It finds pages that link to competing sites which are likely to link to your site.
  3. Competitive Research – It is used to find out where your competitor’s are succeeding in search.
  4. Domain Name Finder – It gets keyword suggestions and finds associated domain names.
  5. SEO site Planner – Plan out your SEO strategy from beginning to end.
  6. Keyword List Comparison – Use this tool to compare keyword lists against each other.

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