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An online presence is the sum of identities you have created for your business over the years over the internet. Online business presence has a very wide reach if implemented correctly, it can spread the awareness of your business to those who matter. When 97% of customers are searching for your products and services online, it has become imperative for all businesses large and small to establish a strong presence – be there when they are searching for you!

Here are a few ways in which you can establish a great online presence for your business:

Your website

Whether your business is small or large, having a website has become a mandate for all. Even if it is just a basic site, it should contain some of the fundamental information that customers need. For example, if you are a restaurant, the basic information such as current menu, opening hours and location as well as contact number is a must. If they cannot find these details, you are losing out on potential customers. A basic website is also pretty easy to setup. There are a number of tools and Content Management Systems available at affordable costs. Well, when 70% of the consumers prefer to do their retailing online, it’s all the more important for businesses to have their online presence there.

If your business does not yet have a website, it’s high time you started thinking on those lines. Start from scratch – think about all that your website would require, survey your existing customer base – it’s a good idea to take their input too. People love to be involved with the business they deal with on a day to day basis. It’s a good idea to get insights from all possible avenues before you begin.

Search engine optimization

Simply having a website is not enough. It’s hardly enough to establish a web presence and the kind of visibility you require to get returns on your investment. Customers usually “search” for your business or its products and services using the major search engines. It is hence essential that your products and services be displayed among the top search results in the major search engines. Search Engine Optimization is hence important. Most of the research today happens online. Buying decisions are based on this research. Businesses need to take an extra step to stay at the forefront of the competition in order to grow and succeed. The purpose of SEO is to make it easy for search engines to find your website and list it in their ‘organic’ (as opposed to ‘paid’) results. People tend to trust search engines, so websites that appear high in results pages are more likely to receive traffic. Major search engines include Google, Yahoo and Bing. They connect people all over the world to the content they desire, from products to services to information.

Social media

What better way to improve your online business presence than Social Media? Well, with social media you can connect with your customers on a more regular basis. Social media platforms play an important role in our everyday lives. Many customers base their buying decisions on recommendation from friends and family and other business contacts. It’s a place where you can engage with your customers and build loyalty. Some of the Social media channels you can look at are: Facebook, Twitter, you might find Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, FourSquare helpful. Make sure to research available channels and find out if they will work for you. So, carefully assess what kind of social media is good for your brand and share compelling content on each of the platforms. The more engaging your material is, the more likely your followers will like, comment and share your posts. Engagement is key to promoting your brand.

To successfully build an online business presence, make sure that you have the right strategy in place!

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