Mobile App Development Taxi Mobile Applications have Completely Transformed Personal Transport By Elinsys, 10th Mar 2017

Gone are the days when you had to wave frantically to stop a taxi when you needed a ride. Along with all the other aspects of our lives, technology has changed this one too! Today, if you need to get to some place fast and conveniently, all you need to do is to hire a taxi via a mobile app. You can enter the pickup point, the destination, the route (if need be) and your taxi shall arrive at your doorstep. Simply step-in and you’ll be on your way within minutes!

Taxi mobile applications have completely transformed the personal transport system. People can now hire transport within a few taps and swipes on their mobile screens and their ride arrives at the pickup point within minutes.

So, what is it about taxi apps that make them so popular?

Well, many cab associations or cab fleet services prefer to implement an app that can help better communication between the business, the taxi driver and the customer. All three elements are interconnected so that the driver can easily communicate with the customer and vice versa, and all the updates about the ride, the route, the fare are automatically updated for the business.

Big time savers

As mentioned earlier, standing on the road and trying to flag down a taxi, missing one, waiting for another to arrive – is a big waste of time! Using an app and knowing exactly when your cab will arrive saves time and relieves you of the stress too. The cab driver cannot refuse a ride and you no longer have to run after cabs to ‘catch’ one!

Hassle free payments

No more negotiations on the amount you need to pay for your ride. With a taxi app, the fare is usually calculated according to the number of kilometers that were travelled. So, no cab driver will try to mint out something ‘extra’ for your ride! Furthermore, some apps have an electronic payment system enabled so that it is convenient for you to make payments too.

Traffic navigation

Taxi apps are usually integrated with GPS and Google Maps features. This allows them to track the journey from source to destination. Well, mapping the route can help drivers and passengers if they are unsure of the destination. Google maps can automatically draw the route from the pickup point to the destination.

The app is available for Android as well as iPhone and users can easily set it up within minutes. Since the cabs are pre-booked, users are completely aware of the time it will take to arrive. The app also gives an estimated fare, so that the user is not taken by surprise later on. The good part is that user gets to rate the ‘ride’ after reaching the destination.

Taxi apps definitely makes your life less complicated and provides you with a hassle free means of personal transport. No more chasing down taxis! Simply pick up your smartphone and hire a taxi within a few taps – ride smart!

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