Direct Mail Marketing, E-mail Marketing The Future of Email Marketing – 2020 By Elinsys, 09th Mar 2020

Future gazing into the trends of 2020 for email marketing reveals that email marketing automation has a lot of exciting new trends coming up. The email marketing landscape is ever evolving. How do marketers stay on the top of everything and future proof their digital marketing strategy

Here are a few of the email marketing and automation tactics and best practices you need to understand and engrave in your strategies to succeed in 2020:

User-generated content is an email-simulated trend

UGC is basically any piece of content like text, images, audio, visual etc.) that is created by the end users. Especially the gathering and showing of product reviews and customer feedback or testimonials in the email marketing channel. Here, knowing when, how and why to gather feedback is necessary. Or start by asking a simple question that then leads the subscriber to a longer survey. Adding gamification or interactivity in the email is also one of the ways to boost the response rates on those UGC campaigns.

Responsive interactivity is a valued functionality

Interactivity is the one element in your email that drives engagement. Responsive emails especially work on mobiles. It goes beyond the entertainment value and in 2020 we look forward to more functional interactivity. Promoting engagement, clicks and other actions inside the email. Some of the most trending elements of interactive mails are:

  • Animated buttons for call to action
  • Rollover effects to show product offerings
  • Interactive image and product carousels controlled by the user
  • Surveys, polls and user-generated interactive content

Accessible content, Design and Code – puts email in a Future-Proof Mode

As we see more and more smart devices with voice assistants that read out the mail to customers, email marketers need to focus on designing with accessibility in mind. Accessible content, accessible design and accessible code – all easy to read.  For example – shorten the email content. Use real text HTML rather than using text in images. Create a clear visual hierarchy in your email. Touch-up the email with the right font size and text alignment as well as line spacing.

Email marketing automation

Brands are using automation in all customer lifecycle stages and the number of workflows will increase. Smarter automated email segmentation will lead to increased performance, customization and accessibility will lead to greater results.

Email marketing is surely getting more creative. As long as there is the morning rush of checking emails before the day begins and checking them constantly during the day and just one more time before bedtime, email marketing will definitely have a very bright future in 2020 and beyond!

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