Internet Marketing The Importance of Call To Action By Elinsys, 02nd Feb 2012

You create an ad that is persuasive, attention grabbing and most importantly compelling, but it is no good if it leaves the customer wondering “what next?” Your ad should be such that it leads the customer to exactly where you want them to click. This is where your call to action steps in. Create a powerful call to action, which your customers can easily locate, click and land on your landing page!

Yes, it’s true – success of your ad campaign depends on the effectiveness of your call to action button. Great – now that we have established the importance of an effective call to action, let us also take a look at a few tips to create a call to action:

  • Maintain clarity in the design
  • Placement of the call to action button is important. Place it such that visitors can easily locate it.
  • Lots of scrolling to locate a call to action is a bad idea.
  • Persuasive, attractive and attention grabbing design will surely help
  • Maintain just one call to action, or customer will get confused. Do not give choices and options.
  • Give clear instructions. “Request Quote”, “Call Now” etc.

One cannot emphasize enough on the importance of an effective call to action. You can be as creative as you wish with your website design or you advertisement. But, if you do not have a call to action effectively placed and appropriately designed, all your advertising efforts are in vain. So, after you have created a compelling ad for your campaign, don’t forget to create an equally compelling call to action. This will ensure that your ad campaigns are on the winning side! Winning ad campaigns are those that draw the attention of website visitors, and give them a call to action that they just cannot deny! This increases traffic and results in conversions. More the number of conversions, more the ROI. That’s exactly what you want – right?

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