Mobile App Development The Importance of Developing Mobile Apps for your Website in 2020 By Elinsys, 02nd May 2020

Mobile apps are gaining traction in all spheres of life. There’s an app for almost everything – from food deliveries to entertainment. A responsive website does not compare – it can’t deliver the same experience as a mobile app would. Mobile apps are no longer ‘nice to have’ – they have become ‘must haves’ for businesses who place customer experiences at the top of their priority list. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling flowers or offering services mobile apps provide customers a means to reach out to your business and the other way round.

Mobile apps have become an indispensable part of our lives. Here are a few good reasons why:

On the go – anytime, anywhere
Mobile apps are right there – on user’s phones. They can be used anytime and from anywhere and your customers can get all the information about your business on the go. You can provide general information, prices for your services, booking forms, sell products, enable payments via mobile apps, and provide search features, news feed and much more. Mobile apps offer convenience to both customers and businesses like no other digital media.

Customer experiences matter
Customer experiences are defined by ease of use, convenience and personalization. Whether you are purchasing groceries online, looking for a cheap flight on the top flight apps, or playing casino games on your favorite casino apps, it all boils down to how your customers ‘feel’ after they have interacted with your business via the app. With mobile apps, you can offer users with exceptional experiences and keep them engaged with your business.

Cultivate customer loyalty
Once customers get ‘used to’ the ease and convenience that an app offers as opposed to remembering your business with a website address, they tend to shop with you or avail your services more often. With a mobile app, it’s just about a few taps and swipes on the user’s smartphone. It’s a surefire means of gaining repeat customers and ultimately cultivating customer loyalty.

Brand recognition in the market
No doubt, a website and an application – both have an important role to play in your branding efforts, but having an app can escalate your brand value. Especially for small businesses who are finding opportunities and new avenues to make their brand known, mobile apps serve as a definite means to do so. With many users preferring mobiles as a primary access to the digital world, an app will definitely enable you to tap into a whole new customer base.

Every business is built on relationships that are built between you and your customers. While websites give a ‘professional’ vibe, mobile apps are more ‘personal’. They are with you all day – everyday – on your smartphones. They keep your customers constantly in touch with your business. Mobile apps are definitely not nice to have any more – they are a ‘must have’!

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