Ecommerce Mobile Apps Development The next big thing in mobile – and how it will impact ecommerce? By Elinsys, 12th Apr 2019

As the internet access turns ‘smartphone-only’ and more and more shoppers detach themselves from laptops and desktops – mobile devices are now officially becoming the most popular means for online shopping.

The mobile shopping revolution is here and for all we know, fashion brands will see more of virtual try-one rather than ‘trial-rooms’ and facial recognition could be the next big thing in the checkout process!

So, what are these mobile trends and how will they impact ecommerce?

Progressive web apps

‘Progressive web apps’ has been in the buzz since 2015. PWAs basically speed up the mobile web. They enable the two-second load – that essentially gives visitors the instant gratification similar to a native app. They load web pages in a blink of an eye, load even when there’s no network at all which essentially means fewer abandoned carts and higher conversion rates. Especially for brands who have their eye on technology and are looking for a competitive advantage over their competitors, this could mean new opportunities for growth.

Will, there be one click payments

With the changes in mobile trends, searching for credit cards and fussing with expiry dates will become a thing of the past. One-click payments on mobile browsers via digital wallets will be a trend that will catch on for ecommerce.

Will there be screenless experiences?

Voice search has become very popular and soon it will be the next big thing in e-commerce as well. For example, checking out of the hotel could be as easy as saying ‘I’m checking out’ without even looking at a screen. It eliminates a lot of steps in the checkout process and offers customers a seamless – screenless experience!

Is contextual commerce on its way?

Let’s say that you purchased a great pair of shoes from an online store and shared it with your friends on WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp friends will be able to instantly click on the buy now and purchase it rather than going through the arduous process of hunting the website for the same pair. This saves a lot of customer time and speeds up the shopping and hence offers a great user ‘experience’!

Augmented reality in shopping

As more and more devices are becoming capable of supporting AR functions, Augmented Reality is becoming mainstream. Especially for ecommerce, as AR is really catching up. Ikea uses it playfully to show how useful the furniture is, and fashion brands can use it as a virtual try-on feature, cosmetic brands can allow users to experiment with different shades of lipsticks or nail colors, etc.

In conclusion, as marketers flock to where their customers are, the biggest changes that will be seen in the ecommerce space are coming via the mobile world.

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