There’s More To The Penguin Update

The penguin update – the latest most talked about update in Google’s algorithm has again shook the search engine optimization world. As mentioned previously, this is meant to scrape out web spamming specially things like excessive spammy links, too much of keyword stuffing – that sort of bad SEO services. Well, there have been a lot of talk about what this update is and how to recover and what if you were falsely hit?

Well, the Panda update gets refreshed from time to time, Penguin however does not run continuously. It tags everything that is overly spammy even after the regular spam filter set by Google. Well, with Penguin, your entire site will be affected if anything is found violating norms. About recovering from Penguin, you would know better – did you fall for any link buying scheme? Did you recently check your incoming links? Did you check your webmaster account for any notifications from Google? Even if you have done all the above, recheck your entire site for any bad SEO practices and links and cleanup as much as possible.

After a thorough clean up, you shall regain rank automatically. Well, if you still do not see any results, looks like you need to start a new website altogether.

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