The Title Tag and SEO

Title tags are used in SEO to help search engines understand your page in an instant. The details come later. By including the right things in a title tag, you can be sure that your page is well read by users and crawlers. The first most important SEO aspect to be remembered is to place the title tag in the <head> and not in the <body>. Also, use only one title tag. Here’s the next step – select your top keywords and place them in descending order in the title tag. Avoid adjectives and branding phrases. Include them at the end if need be. Well, do not stuff too many keywords too. More than 70 characters in the title tag is a little too much for an introduction. So, short, sweet, keyword rich, yet not stuffed should do the trick.

So, that’s about the title tag and how it helps your SEO efforts.

Title tags are an important part of SEO. It tell search engines what your page is about. Elite Infoworld is a search engine optimization services provider company that help you in making and usage of proper title tag. To get more information please email at

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