Hire eCommerce Developers Things to Know About Conversion Rate Optimization for Ecommerce Stores in 2019 By Elinsys, 12th Mar 2019

It gets overwhelming, following up on the trends, predictions and best practices that go around every few months. It’s a good idea to focus on a few, but important ones that have greater impact in the near future.

Let’s discuss a few best practices for 2019:

Convenient Payment Processing Means Greater Conversions

As the best practice, online stores must look for ways to simplify steps that are required for customers to make a purchase. 2019 will see a lot more number of payment options for the shoppers. Payments will go beyond the traditional options and customers will demand for more modern and smarter options such as digital wallets, cryptocurrencies and smart payment buttons. Paypal, Google Pay and Apple Pay are slowly replacing the lengthy procedures that have been prevalent for decades – such as credit cards and billing forms. The more convenient it is for your customers, the better it is for your conversion rates.

Further, it has been observed that many consumers are also opting for cryptocurrency for secure and low cost online payments. Ecommerce businesses need to take this into consideration before building ecommerce payment methods for the future. Stores that cater to these requirements from the modern consumer shall see an improvement in the conversion rates.

Personalized Shopping Experiences Means Even More Conversions

User ‘Experience’ with your online store matters now more than ever. Consumers flock to those with a great experience to offer and those that don’t see a greater number of abandoned carts. In 2019, the three technologies that will influence personalization are Augmented and Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Buying online is no longer passive.

Consumers wish to experience the product (just like in-store purchases) before they actually buy. With Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, stores can now offer these personalized experiences and hence gain a greater trust of their customers – hence increasing the chances of conversions. Artificial intelligence technologies enable stores to assist customers in real time and answer some important questions. This improves the personalization and hence the probability of conversion.

Voice Commerce Could Take It Forward!

By 2020, voice searches will have a dominant place in the market – over 50% of the searches will be voice based. Stores that take the opportunity and improve their stores accordingly, will see a boost in their conversions. It’s known that voice search is not as advanced yet, and it may not be very feasible for stores to implement changes just yet, but it’s a good idea to be prepared. It’s essential that you develop your store’s presence in the voice apps and develop a voice SEO strategy.

So, rather than being overwhelmed by the amount of trends and predictions that go around every few months, it’s essential that stores focus on just a few, but the most important ones.

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