Website Design Service This is what web design is all about By Elinsys, 02nd May 2019

Great design isn’t about a slick look or putting together great visuals. Neither is it about focusing on the technicalities of building wireframes, code, and content. It’s all about the bigger picture. What do you want to achieve with those visuals? What is your goal when you create those wireframe? What is your end game when you write that flawless code? The answer is – to delight your customer. Whether it is for an ecommerce site to increase sales, or for a services-based business to attract clients.

The end goal is that the website design should address the needs of your customers. So, every element, be it the visuals or the content, should be aligned with this goal.

How do you achieve that harmonious synthesis of elements? By implementing a holistic web design process that takes both form and function into account.

Goals identification

Here is where you define the purpose of the website. Decide what the site is expected to do. Is this website’s primary aim to inform, to sell, or to amuse? Does the website need to clearly convey a brand’s core message, or is it part of a wider branding strategy with its own unique focus? If you cannot answer these simple questions, your project is set to start off in the wrong direction.

Scope identification

Clients usually start off with one goal in mind but it usually and gradually expands, evolves or changes altogether during the design process. This technique is not a problem unless the increased amount of work is not aligned with an increased timeline and an increase in the budget.

Sitemap & wireframe

Sitemaps are the foundation of a well-designed site. It defines the website’s information architecture and defines the relationship between various pages on a website. Wireframes do not contain any design elements. They act as a guide to how exactly the site will ultimately look.


Content serves two purposes. It both drives engagement and action and is used for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. Create content that not only entices customers but is also SEO friendly and appealing to the most common searches.

Visual Elements

The visual style of the site is shaped by all your business’ branding elements. Images are vital to web design and how you portray your brand. The visuals will decide whether your customers will stay on your website – at first glance.

After they decide to browse further, then they will interact with the functions and read your content. Make sure that this is also aligned with the main goal of the business.

In conclusion….

When you design your website, make sure that you look at the big picture, define your end goal and design all your web elements in harmony with the end goal. This will help create a website that’s actually profitable for your business.

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