Open Source Development Top 4 Tools For Open Source Web Development By Elinsys, 09th Jan 2016

In this e-world, where businesses are dependent on website and applications, it is important for all the business owners to have a website and an app for their business. With the increase in advancement of technology, new platforms are emerging each day and one just cannot decide on which platform should their build their website or app. Well, open source is buzzing these days in market. Developers and businesses are getting aware of the benefits of open source web development. It provides stability, flexibility, freedom, auditability, support and accountability. Apart from all these, it is one of the most cost effective options you can choose, as it is free of cost.

If you are planning to take your business online to reach customers across the world, it is always a good idea to choose open source platform. Also, make sure you don’t build the website yourself, as the professionals can deliver the best. It is advisable for you to hire the best mobile and web development company. Apart from being skilled and experienced, the reason behind getting it done from the professionals is that, they make the use of the best tools and technologies. Let us here take a look over some of the best open source web development tools…

  1. Eclipse: While there are a lot of tools for rest of the programming languages, there are few options for Java, one of which is Eclipse. Most of the Java developers make the use of Eclipse, because it is extremely easy to use and understand to work with it. Along with it, there is an additional benefit; it has also got PHP plugin. So, if you have got PHP programming tasks at times, you can do it using Eclipse.
  2. Apache: This is the most important web server without which no developer can do anything. It is the fastest and the most reliable web servers for all developers. However, it is a little difficult to understand and use it; especially for beginners.
  3. XAMPP: You have to use web server for developing web applications. Also, you need relational MySQL database and PHP language framework. So, you will need to install all of these one by one. Though it is not so difficult to install them one by one, but it would be easier for you if get all of these in single bundle. XAMPP is a bundle of Apache, PHP and My SQL and it is extremely easy to install it.
  4. phpMyAdmin: This is also one of the most important and popular open source app which is used by most of the web developers. This tool is a GUI for the administration of the MySQL database and also it makes the process easier.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important tools for open source development, it is advisable for you to share this list with the developers of the company which you hire, so as to get the best website and app for your business.

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