Ecommerce Web Development Top e-Commerce trends to keep an eye on in 2020 By Elinsys, 07th Nov 2019

Successful eCommerce depends on keeping abreast of new trends and available technologies. Both entrants in the field and established players need to know them for the health of your business.

Without too much delay, let’s dive straight into the new and upcoming trends that will impact e-commerce in 2020:

1. Growing importance of mobile sales

Mobile friendly websites will become a must for businesses as smart phone usage increases globally.  Page visits on mobiles and tablets are the trend and as mobile payment becomes secure more sales are expected to be finalized on mobiles.  The mobile sale share is targeted to reach 70% in 2020.

2. Advent of product pages

In order to attract visitors looking for products with no specific company in mind, the product pages need to be designed for conversion. Success depends on ease of navigation as well as completeness of product description.

3. Use of video to demonstrate products

Online purchasers do not have the advantage of examining products thoroughly. This makes accurate product description imperative. Today’s consumers prefer to watch rather than read. A video works better in product description. 2020 will see a rise in video descriptions

4. Offering both online and offline options

Traditional retailers latched on to online sales soon after ecommerce emerged as a challenge. The trend is now set to reverse with online sellers setting up brick and mortar outlets. This additional offline shopping option is the new trend.

5. User generated content

Influencer marketing is set to work better than advertisements on social media. These offer authentic, original and experiential information consumers readily trust.

6. Chatbots

Customers have their individual queries before deciding to purchase from a site. Chatbots work 24×7 to answer these frequently asked questions and guide customers in payment methods, delivery options, etc. they are the constant shop assistants companies provide.

7. Social media selling

Social media marketing is already integral to eCommerce. The change anticipated is in permitting direct sales from social media marketing. Bypassing the need to visit the eCommerce website will eliminate hurdles between potential customers and the final sale.

8. Voice search

With voice search gaining acceptance and importance, ecommerce players would do well to join the trend. In 2020 voice search is expected to increase to 50% of all searches online. Ecommerce business will need SEO with typical voice search keywords to remain competitive.

9. Automation

Automation for inventory management, order processing, delivery scheduling, and personalizing sales is to be the new trend. Atomized systems can be programmed to recognize customers and send personalized offers.

10. Topic clusters

Topic clusters need one long article that will come up in search engines to act as a pillar page. This contains broad outlines of all aspects of a topic with links that provide detail and provide a link back to the pillar page. This cluster provides valuable information.

Technological advance and customer behavior is to impact future trends in eCommerce in 2020.





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