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Open source development today is a very vast topic to discuss. There are so many tools and so many technologies and so many platforms developed using open source that it is very difficult to arrive at a list. But here are the most common open source web development tools.


Node.js is an open source run time environment which is open source and is used for developing server side web applications. It is a JavaScript run time built on Google Chromes V8 Java Script engine. It is faster and more efficient due to the use of event driven non blocking I/O.


AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that is used to build dynamic web applications. It is preferably used in one page applications. It has enough support for filters and data binding to HTML attributes. It also supports forms, form validation and DOM handling. This was again developed by Google.


This is a popular open source code editor for HTML, CSS and Java Script. This open source tool is developed by Adobe and written in HTML, CSS and Javascript itself. Brackets create a live preview so that you can verify what your website will look like instantly. Any changes you make can be seen immediately.


Bootstrap is a popular tool developed by Twitter. It is especially built to develop responsive websites. It has predefines classes, grids, buttons and forms and navigation as well as containers. Even Java Script and media queries are pre configured, so that development of responsive sites is made easy.


LESS is actually a CSS preprocessor. It’s syntax is similar to CSS and has a lot of features that makes CSS more easy and maintainable and extendable.


Atom is actually a text editor and a hackable text editor. It supports AngularJS support, Atom TypeScript, Jshint, and turbo-JavaScript which is very useful for rapid development.


Firebug is an extension of Mozzilla firefox and facilitates monitoring, debugging and editing CSS, JavaScript and HTML. This can be done on a live web page too.


This is an open source Java Script framework. It uses the MVC model and is used to design single page websites.

These are simple tools that make coding and designing websites easy. They have some pre-configured and pre-coded features that you can use to make programming easy.

Well, these are just a few. There are plenty of other tools available out there. Many of them are open source, so you can download them and use them for free. There is no additional cost. Making a web designer’s life easy, these tools are built for rapid development and provide web developers with the right kind of tools to concentrate on the more important parts of the code and the logic. Simple mechanical tasks can be quickly completed with easy tips and handy auto suggestions by these tools.

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