Mobile App Development Trek – the route king! By Elinsys, 23rd Aug 2017

As more and more mobile apps are added to the app stores on a daily basis, one cannot help but notice that more and more apps that actually add ‘value’ in some way or the other are added. Health apps, shopping apps, finance management apps and lot more. However, recently one particular category of apps that have recently taken the center stage are – the apps that cater to a particular interest or passion. One such mobile app is “TREK”.

Trek is an app that offers individuals with the passion for cycling more fun, challenge and excitement to pursue their interests. Cycling as a health interest is taking a center stage these days. Whether it’s about health or environmental concerns or about pure joy of cycling, it’s becoming a means of getting together with like minded people – for one common goal. To add to the fun, there are a number of apps that have emerged for cycling.

Trek offers cyclists with an opportunity to explore the unexplored routes in their city. You can take a particular route and once you reach the finish line, you can mark yourself as the ‘KING’ of that route!

Other cyclist can explore all the routes that have been marked by various cyclists from your city and take the one that is challenging enough! Well, if another cyclist beats you on the route, the title of ‘KING’ is transferred.

With TREK, you can:

Create your own routes

You can explore new routes within your city and mark yourself as the King of that route! It is important that the route create is on the bicycle. No other modes of transport shall be considered valid. You will need to click an image at the beginning of the route and at the end.

Challenge routes created by others

If you find a route created by another cyclist interesting enough, you can challenge him/her and try to complete the route in lesser time! If you manage to finish the route within a shorter time span, you win! You will then be the KING of that route!

Gather maximum wins

With TREK, you aim should gather maximum ‘wins’. Each route you challenge and win adds to your basket!

Fun and challenging, this game is also for the health conscious! It is available for download on both Apple and Google play stores.  For more information, please visit

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