Website Design Service Tricks for Neat and Cool Web Design By Elinsys, 10th Aug 2011
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The simple tricks and tips to build a neat, cool and attractive website are being discussed below:

1 Select nice attractive color combination, which can also be done by surfing on internet and different websites. If you hold a company logo than that can be used matching the color schemes.

2 The page loading should not be slow. If your website takes more than a minute to get load than you need to solve the issue as soon as possible as that may irritate your visitors.

3 The logo on the website should be simple to provide identity to your website. Also you should try to include tag line somewhere near the header and try to include about us page which will give uniqueness to your company website. Including these things will leave an impression for your visitors to remember your website and about your company.

4 The overall background of the website should be such which represents the nature of your business and tells about the type of projects. So you should be very careful while selecting it to represent the best out of it.

5 There should be no error in the grammar in the content included and spell. Before including the content you should do spell/grammar checking with much available software for this purpose.

6 Try to use images and graphics in your website as that appeals the most to visitors. Most of the visitors which may be your potential customers doesn’t have much time to read whole of your content so your images should be such that it conveys your important message to them.

7 Find the right balance between your images on your web page. Over using flash will make your website look less professional.

These basic tips should be considered while designing a website every time for your business.

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