Website Design Service Type Rules for Excellent User Experience in a Web Design By Elinsys, 21st Jul 2016

When you design a website, just pretty looking fonts does not suffice. There are plenty of factors that contribute to the overall impact of look and feel of the website. The lettering you use should be highly readable and at the same time provide a great visual connection.

Here are a few rules that you could follow for website design that make it more readable and look pretty too:

Readability rules

Firstly avoid typefaces that are difficult to read.  The website visitor should concentrate on the content, and not the beauty of the font. This does not mean that you do not use decorative typefaces, just make sure that the readability is not lost while you try to make them look attractive.

Leave plenty of space between the lines

Appropriate spacing between the lines of text makes the text easy to read. Users will love the clarity that it provides. Especially in today’s age where most of the websites are browsed via a mobile device, it is highly essential that you give people enough space between the lines. There are no standard specifications to follow here, but make sure that you test your website reading experience on all the devices and make sure that it is readable.

Opt for bigger spaces for your typed matter

The area where you place your text or the container where you place the text should be big enough to hold all the text. If the text is crammed in a small container, the readability is lost – either use larger space, or use less text!

Text size

The size of the text that you use matters too. Especially the small case letters are easy to read when they are large and rounded. Some fonts have sharp corners for the letters – well, use them if you must, but if the text is lengthy, make sure you choose the font accordingly.


Proportions in almost any form of art or design are important. If you have good proportions on the entire website it adds to the harmony and your website looks appealing. This does not include any math calculations to check the size of each element and each font. It’s about creating a complete visual appeal for your website.

Limit the number of type faces

If you select fancy typefaces for highlighting something, make sure that you do not use more than 2 different type faces on your website. It’s simply annoying for a reader to go through so many styles while browsing on website.

Contrast is important

The contrast between the background and the lettering should be readable. The greater the contrast, the better it is. The more the text on your website the more important this factor becomes. Give a good contrast between the background and the text.

Overall, typography is just one part of web design, if you get it right you can eventually get all other elements in place and built an awesome website!

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