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Android Application Development is booming and statistics show that the apps explosion has reached 1.6 million apps – a record highest as compared to other technologies such as iOS apps, Windows apps or Blackberry Apps. The main reason for this explosion is that the number of android smart phone users is souring. Android does not restrict itself to any device, hence the user base is more as compared to other operating systems. Android application demands are extremely high too. This rise in apps usage is expected to continue in the near future too.

It’s not only games and entertainment apps that are popular. Many businesses have turned to Android for business related apps mainly because most of their customers and employees too have android smart phones.

There are over a hundred applications that are uploaded to Google Play for approval. But not all get easily approved. You will need to thoroughly understand Google’s guidelines for applications. Well, other than that, for the success of your application, you will need to understand your customers, their requirements and lastly, you will need to clearly describe your need for an android app.

Well, to begin with, ensure that you understand a few golden rules for Android Applications Development.

Gather user requirement

What good is an app it does not serve the purpose of your customers? Well, to begin with, ensure that you gather your customer’s requirements. Understand why they want an app or why you would want them to have an app. Ensure that your app is a convenience and does not add to their problems. Make sure your app provides an easy way of interacting with your business.

Understand target audience

Before you begin, understand your target audience. Understand the age and expertise of your target audience and then jot down the features you would want to include in the app. Also ensure that your design includes bigger click buttons for the younger and older age groups. Well, successful apps are developed for customers and not only businesses!

Keep Design Simple

Keeping the design simple ensures that the app acts as an aid to your business and does not become part of the problem. Simple designs ensure that your users focus on the important links and information rather than get carried away by the design and it’s complexity.

Market your app well

Finally, do not leave your app to sell itself! If you want more and more downloads, you will need to work for it! Create a marketing strategy and ensure that your app’s presence is felt in the app store! One of the most popular ideas is to reward users to share your app.

If you are a business looking or Android Application Development, it is a good idea to hire a reputed mobile application development company for the task. They will already know what to include and what not to include in your app and provide you with sound advice for making the app live on Play Store and help you market it too!

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