Ecommerce Web Development Upcoming Ecommerce Web Design Trends By Elinsys, 22nd Aug 2017

To stay afloat in this cut throat competition, you will need to prepare a winning ecommerce marketing strategy that includes engaging new customers, retaining the old ones and taking diverse paths to expand your business.

As we traverse through 2017, let’s explore the latest ecommerce trends that keep emerging on the way.

Here are a few of them:

Mobile shopping is skyrocketing

Mobile searches have way exceeded desktop searches. It is hence important that e-retailers ensure that their websites are responsive so that they can be accessed from devices of any screen sizes. Mobiles will the source of over 60% of the ecommerce traffic by the end of 2017. It’s not only enough to make your site responsive, but you must also integrate all the important features such as mobile wallet to enable easy payments etc. Creating a separate mobile app for you e-stores will also help generate revenues.

Social selling

Promoting your brands on social media is a growing trend and is most likely to continue in the near future too. It helps generate a good chunk of social traffic and increase revenues too. So, your marketing plans should always include a social media strategy to promote your products and services.

Product return policies

Online shopping is very different than in-store shopping. There may be more number of product returns as customers cannot actually see or touch the product before they purchase it. This is where you can help your customers and create a return policy. This will give your customers a sense of relief and security and help build a loyal customer base that trusts your brand!

Multiple options in payments

Customers must have options while making payments for their purchases. This helps improve your sales too – with fewer abandoned carts. Apart from this, you can also provide better shipping features. Customers expect their products delivered as soon as possible. So, as far as possible, ecommerce stores will need to shorten that time. This will boost your business to a great extent.

Personalized online shopping experience

Unless there is a personalized touch, there is no way your ecommerce store will engage with what you have to offer. You can introduce new products, latest deals etc. based on purchasing habits, previous purchases and browsing habit of your customers. This helps them take buying decisions instantly. Encouraging them to purchase your products instantly, your business wil also get a big boost.

User friendly content

When the content on your website is user friendly, and engaging, visitors will spend more time on your website. Quality and engaging content has the power to communicate with customers in a way that can influence their buying decisions.

Voice search

Voice searches have increased in the past few months. Today it is considered as an effective technique to boost sales. So, it’s important to optimize your content on the website to include attractive content with conversational and long tail requests. It’s a fact that even today, around 20% of the searches happen via voice search.

Quick recap…

With the stiff competition, risk and challenges that ecommerce businesses face, you need to trail the changing trends to grow and stay at the forefront.

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