Open Source Development Using Open Source Technologies in Web Development – Better Than Ever! By Elinsys, 20th Sep 2016

The internet has influenced all areas of life. Hand held smart devices have proliferated to the remotest corners and with them the need for software to complete various tasks has increased. Developing software using open source has emerged as a profession and a passion. The two software development methods available today are the closed source and the open source web development services. The open source web development services have become popular to develop software titles.

Open source technology allows end users and developers to see the source code of the software, and to modify it as well. This technology provides a transparent platform on which developers and skilled software professionals work to add to, change or improve its features. This open access to the software code provides many benefits for users and developers.

New versions of software

Developers working on open source have open options: to release a new version of the software for general use, or to limit it to a group of users in house. Issues of copyright may come up. Who claims the new version of the software? Most license agreements state that the ownership of the softwaredoes not get transferred to the modifier. The developer modifying the software has no right to sell the new versions. Price: free of royalties or fees- without constraint not free of charge


One of the major advantages of the open source technology is that virus attacks can be handled as soon as they infect the software. The open code makes it possible to work on the software to fix the damage. Users see and test the software and bring its defects and drawbacks out quickly and the technology permits a change as soon as these are detected.

Improved Quality

The open source technology encourages developers to use their technical expertise on software. This ensures a constant quality improvement and value addition to it. With each upgrade, the software becomes more valuable and desirable for the common user thereby keeping it in the market for longer.  More ideas and ability to integrate innovations makes the software more like what users want because they have hand in developing it.


Since use of the alterations made to open source software can be kept private, they can easily be used to customize software for specialized use. This feature makes it appealing to users as they do not need install new software with every change in need.


With the open source web development facility there is no need to blindly trust a vendor and the vendor’s claims can be checked out. The open source web development technology attracts bright, talented, motivated and passionate developers.  As new features are added to existing software regularly, there is an urge in its users to upgrade the software and try out new features.  This is both easy and convenient for users.

If you are looking of creating flexible and highly scalable websites that are able to handle rapid business growth, open source web development is the answer!

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