Videos For Internet Marketing

Videos For Internet Marketing

People just love viewing better than reading. Watching a movie is preferred over reading a book, viewing news on television is preferred over reading a news paper, – everywhere – videos are taking over. Internet Marketing is no exception! If you harness this potential to your advantage, it will work wonders for your Internet Marketing campaign! Well, the other  side of the coin is – videos cannot be crawled by search engines. But worry not – you can modify a few elements on your website to let the search engines know that there exists a video and also let them know what the content of the video is!

That’s good news! Let’s check how:

  • Use titles and subtitles to describe in text what the video is about. Don’t forget to use your keywords!
  • Create transcripts for your videos. Again – use your keywords!
  • Create short descriptions
  • Name the video file with your strongest keyword.


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