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In a world that is practically ‘online’ every minute of the day, it is imperative that businesses are online too. Well, being online does not mean to simple have an online presence. It requires proper planning and adequate consideration needs to be given to the fact that customer interactions count too. Interactive, engaging apps that involve customers too are becoming the way of life and more and more businesses demand apps that benefit the business and are also customer centric.

The field of web apps development has also undergone a complete revolution and today there are a number of technologies that have emerged to help make apps more efficient and appealing to the customers (as well as businesses). Those solutions and the underlying technologies that were popular a few years back and no longer so, and new technologies have taken over.

Here are a few web app development technologies and frameworks that are used today:

Angular JS

AngularJS is basically a JavaScript based open source front end web application framework. It is maintained by Google. It is a toolset for building a framework that is most suitable for your app. It is fully extensible and works well with other libraries. Every feature can be modified and replaced to suit your unique requirements.

Node Js

At the very core, NodeJS is an open source, cross platform JavaScript run time environment for executing JavaScript code on the server side. It is built on Chrome’s Version 8 Java Script engine. Node JS uses an event driven and non- blocking I/O model so that it is lightweight and efficient. It is designed to build highly scalable and flexible applications.


Express.JS is a web application framework for node.js. It is especially used to build web applications and APIs. It is minimal, flexible and provides a robust set of features development. Express provides a myriad of HTTP utility methods to create robust APIs quickly and easily.

Mongo DB

MongoDB is an open source database program. It is a NoSQL program and uses JSON like documents along with the schemas. It does not store data in tables. MongoDB is a solution that is perfectly solution for large scale document management and for apps that require real time processing. It has support for field range queries, regular expressions and indexing and replication too. It also has load balancing capabilities. It is a perfect solution for those who require a modern web based solution for their business.

Web apps development needs to be flexible, scalable and add value to the business processes or the business as a whole. The underlying technology used makes a huge difference in shaping customer experiences.

If you are looking for experienced, professional web apps development Company with a diverse skill set, and a modern approach, contact us today and we can discuss your project in detail. Our web apps developers can provide you with insights on how to implement your ideas and turn them into reality!

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