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Welcome, to the world of superstitions; where people believe in the myths related to the technology as well! There are a lot of things that people believe in regarding web design and development; which are wrong. So, let us discuss them out and spread awareness amongst people and let them know that these are myths and not to believe in them anymore!

1. More the features, better the design!

This is one of the most popular misconceptions amongst people. They feel that adding more features to the website shall make it better than the rest. Well, this is absolutely false. The design of the website should be simple and professional looking as well as easy to understand and navigate. This can happen only when a website serves a few purposes and has got fewer features. Too gaudy is just not in fashion; in fact it involves complications, complexities and bad design! So, it is always a good idea to keep it simple, silly!

2. Design fixes all the problems!

Apart from taking care of the fonts, colors and graphics, the design also takes care about the user experience. It looks after the user interaction, function and navigation of the website. These shall solve the problems like poor experience or poor brand management. However, there are other serious problems too like low traffic and poor conversion rates which can be more easily solved by content than by design. ‘Content is the King’ and it should always be done before design so that you do not carry those serious problems forward with you when you start the designing work.

3. People want more information on home page!

This is so not true! Well, it has been surveyed that the websites that has got more than 200 words on the homepage shall face problems related to the design. In addition to that, the simple logic is that, people who are looking for the information shall visit a lot of websites; they never visit just one or two. So, if any homepage has got a lot to read, users will get bored. They want you to tell them the maximum things by the minimum content on the home page.

4. Bold text and bright colors enhances web design!

Making every single section and feature on you website bold and bright is one of the biggest mistakes a designer can ever make. It will do nothing, but confuse users as to which one to focus on. In fact, it is always advisable to highlight the most important feature of the website so that it can draw the attention of the users. Highlighting everything shall make your website look gaudy and shall confuse users; it means either the content of the website is really poor or you need to redesign your website.

5. My website is ready to go live if it works on my computer!

This is going to be the number one myth of the year. If the website works in your computer, it does not mean it will work in other devices of other people as well. With the advancement in technology, new devices keep coming to the market. It is extremely difficult to make a ‘one size fits all’ website that is compatible with all the devices and all the screen sizes. So, you need to keep this point in mind while designing the website.

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