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A Web Design Template is a template used to present information on internet. It is simply a web page with no content in it where you can put your own images and content using front page.

Some Websites from where HTML Templates can be downloaded are listed below:-

1. HTML Templates: It is a website design template represented only with HTML codes. HTML templates to build a website offer many advantages like they save lot of money and time. If you don’t have more knowledge about creating a website then HTML Templates can be considered over doing it yourself as it allow anyone to create a site quickly and easily. Other advantages of using it are it has high quality of design, facility of updating the content and look easily, and consistent look for the professional website.

Some Websites from where Flash Templates can be downloaded are:-

2. Flash Templates: Website design templates developed with flash. Free Flash Template are cost-effective to create professional pages and easy to customize as per the needs. It’s the best solution for designing beautiful and st ylish website. With this template you can have a w ebsite within short period of time and visualization of final product is possible from the very first stage of designing. It is a best way to attract visitors to website with innovative web designing.

Some Websites from where HTML Templates can be downloaded are listed below:-

3. PSD Templates: It is a type of templates that contains only .psd files, graphics only, with no codes involved. It allows easily editing and customizing all graphics which are in the web template.

The above-listed templates are the most popular templates associated with web design templates. There are other templates also like FrontPage Templates, Dreamweaver Templates, etc.

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