Website Design Service Web Design Trends 2018 By Elinsys, 17th Jan 2018

Beginning 2018 in the right direction will ensure that your brand is poised for success throughout the year. It is essential that you understand the trends that will rule the web design world. As more and more companies strive for greater visibility, it’s important for them to stand out of the crowd – hence create a stunning website that stands out from the rest.

Here are some of the web design trends that will rule 2018:

Bright and bold minimalism

Simple has been around for quite some time. Now bright and bold yet minimal styles will prevail. It’s predicted that simple will never actually go out of style, but color, saturation, and brightness will be given equal weight age. Simple does not have to be boring any longer.

Polished web applications

In 2018 the design will be focused on creating user experiences beyond usual. There has to be some value that the users find in using web applications. As tools keep improving, and affordable technology from basic personalization to advanced analytical AI, will help us find the answers in 2018.

Interactive content

2018 will be the year for interactions between customers and the websites. As more and more businesses move towards automated services. The most crucial one will be interactive content. Connecting with brands and engaging with customers has never been so easy. In a world where everything is getting busier and crazier, 2018 will see a lot of interactions online and a lot more businesses happening online – without too much human interaction.

Asymmetry and brutalism inspired free-form

Digital craftsmanship is the art of creating simple yet high impact solutions. The bolder the designs; the better the impact will be. Simple yet bold designs are an upcoming trend in 2018. Asymmetry in design brings a whole new perspective to designs. These kinds of designs intentionally disrupt the conventional designs and give a whole new meaning to your work.

Illustrations and animations

Illustrations help create a unique visual style. Illustrations set a tone for the brand and add playfulness to the brand content. Illustrations can be of any size or style and can communicate a brand’s message in a unique style. Illustrations can be incorporated into any design seamlessly and this trend seems to be n the rise and will continue in 2018 too. Animations in web design give your website a whole new look. Animations allow you to translate more information than words and images can do. It is simply more efficient to use animations to get the message across. Moreover, animations are capable of drawing more attention than any other form of design on your website. You can tell your entire brand’s story within a few seconds and this essentially means better engagement for the customers on your website.

More video, fluid shapes and gradients

Videos are becoming an integral part of a brand’s communication. Instead of the typical main page video, more and more videos are being incorporated throughout the website. This helps translate more information to your audience within a short period of time. Fluid shapes and innovative typography is another big trend that 2018 will see.

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