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There are some popular styles that just won’t go away – and then there are new possibilities – always! Well, as 2020 draws closer, new technical possibilities shall definitely bring in new trends in design. Designers have more scope for experimentation and they are more willing to play with extremes – reinventing some of the old styles and conjuring up some new ones.

We have put together a list of possibilities in 2020 design trends:

Dark is good

Dark backgrounds make the design elements stand out and create a higher contrast ratio. Further, dark designs look ultra modern and are easy on the eyes too. Dark themes are good for OLED screens too – they are power saving and extend the screen lifespans. So, in 2020, dark is good.

Imperfections add personality

Imperfections are human. Imperfections in design – such as hand drawn designs evoke a more human emotion with the design. Hand drawn icons and graphics offers realness that gives web designers the heart and soul that visitors find appealing.

Immersive 3D designs

3D visuals have always delighted people. What really held this trend back was the expensive technology to implement it. 3D offers a more immersive experience and until VR becomes more commonplace, creating 3D experiences with the new and upcoming technologies is the way forward. These technologies need not be high end – just enough to get the 3D effect done.

Soft Shadows

Soft shadows give a slight 3D effect and make the design more interesting. This trend is all about creating a depth. This trend can be used with text and photos too. It’s not just limited to graphics.

Solid frames and white space

Full bleed layouts have been trending for quite some time. Designers are now gravitating towards solid structures and lots of white space. It makes the designs more clear and gives the design more structure. They allow each element on the page a generous amount of space and the framing makes the visuals look ‘neat’.

Luminous colour schemes

The trend is about bringing the isometric colours like blues, purples and hot pinks out to give the designs a futuristic glow. Duotone designs keep reinventing and this time they are more bold and vivacious.

Minimalistic navigation

Web design in general requires us to think smaller – even when it comes to something as crucial as the navigation. This is mainly because of the advent of wearable technology and available spaces becoming smaller and smaller. Navigation designs need to accommodate extremely small devices. Sometimes, minimalism takes away the usability. 2020 trends will definitely tend towards minimalistic navigation that will take users on a journey through the site rather than wondering how.

Looking forward to welcoming 2020!

Web designers are embracing futuristic approaches more and more. 2020 styles will extend beyond the screen and will emphasize on user friendly experiences with minimalistic navigations and less eye straining dark designs.

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