Website Design Service Web Design Trends You Should be Looking Out For! By Elinsys, 24th Jul 2017

As technology is ingrained in every facet of our lives, users are demanding much more from their online experiences. They focus not only on the beauty of the site, but also the overall experience it provides while interacting with it. Personal, interactive and relevant – are the three things that users want and expect from their experiences from websites. They expect websites that understands and responds to their thought process!
Web design trends are fast changing – make sure that you understand what’s in and what’s out!

Here are a few things to consider:

End of the traditional web design

Web design in the traditional sense of the word is fading away – it has become more of ‘experience designing’. Web design is more than technology – it has recently morphed into something bigger. Web designers no longer make websites look ‘beautiful’. They focus on the experience it provides the end users!

Conversational UI

Conversational interfaces have become a big trend. People need to interact with companies rather than simply read about them on web pages. Messaging apps are gaining more and more traction and interfaces that create wholesome experiences matter the most to visitors.

GIF and other animations

GIFs are going – mainstream. But it is important to understand that you must use them sparingly. Do not overuse them on a website. Use them only to draw attention of the users. They enable you to provide a richer product experience, explain the workflow etc.

Next generation responsive

Responsive designs are one of the best ways to provide a great user experience. CSS media queries offer websites the ability to adjust themselves according to the various sizes of screens available. One size fits all is no longer an option – the website needs to be optimized for various screen sizes.

Minimalistic web design

Minimalistic designs now take the center stage. Instead of landing on the homepage, users now are presented with a cards layout. These cards act as a doorway to more information. It gives a de-cluttered simplistic look and creates more visually explanatory designs.

Data visualization

When it comes to web design data and analytics are more important than ever. These are especially helpful when it comes to understanding user representation.

Fewer stock photos

There has been a drastic decline of the use of stock photos. Businesses prefer to use more authentic images that relate more to their business – rather than generic images.

Material design

Material design – originally developed by Google, is steadily growing in popularity among designers. IT visually enhances the website by drawing the user’s attention to different areas of the screen – and creates depth and realism in the design.

Typography goes big

Typography is getting bigger and bolder by the day. Bigger typography is eye-catching and dynamic colors and textures add to the overall impact created!

Web design trends are always just around the corner. It is important to understand the latest trends and provide users with the kind of experience that they expect in order to design successful websites!

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