Website Design Service Web Design – What’s in and What’s Trending By Elinsys, 17th Jun 2017

The web design landscape is constantly evolving. Something that looks refreshingly modern today might look completely retro in a few months’ time. Sometimes trends change overnight and something that seemed dated might become the vogue again – unexpectedly.Here are some of the most recent happenings in the world of web design:

Bold typography

Big and bold typography is becoming a popular trend that enables companies to anchor their home pages. This type of style works best when the rest of the page is kept clean, clutter free and minimal.


High quality videos or GIFs that run on smooth continuous loops are used in banners. This usually is a trick to generate and retain interest of a website visitor – to the otherwise static pages. Sometimes full screen loops are used to create a stunning effect.

Experimental compositions

Stand out designs in a sea of masonry style layouts are pretty popular these days. This is what designers are opting these days instead of eclectic structures.

Bright gradients

Bright gradients are making a comeback in a big way. Two tone bright gradients give a completely fresh look to the design. Sometimes the gradients if applied to the entire page give a modern look to the page.

Vivid layers of colors

Staggered, stacked layers of colors add depth and texture to a simple site layout.

Straightforward simple text

Some websites are cutting out images and prominent navigation sections altogether, relying on just a few choice lines of straightforward text to inform visitors about their company.


Illustrations and graphics are becoming more and more popular on websites. Graphic artists are especially hired to create bespoke illustrations for their websites. After years of minimalism and flat designs, illustrations give a kind of personality to the entire page. It looks charming in it’s own way.

Ultra minimalization

Minimalism to the extreme is also catching on. Designers are experimenting and defying conventions of what a website needs to look like. Displaying the absolute bare necessities is what’s trending now.


Pared down two tone color schemes look really cool and contemporary – this is another trend that is catching on in the world of web design.

Mixing horizontal and vertical text

Placing the text in its usual horizontal from is conventional. Aligning it vertically throughout the page adds a refreshing dimension to the design. This is true for the titles and sub titles.

Geometric shapes and patterns

Whimsical patterns and shapes are popping up more frequently on websites. It adds some flair to the landscape of otherwise flat and material designed websites.

Modular design

Modular design is definitely one of the newest trends. It is a foolproof way to create clean, accessible websites that keeps visitors interested!

Overlapping text and images

Overlapping texts and images have been a very popular effect that was usually used in blogs and portfolios. The text is made to stand out and the colorful image underneath makes it look even more stunning!

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