Web Designing and Web Development

web-development-design1On other hand, Web Development can be described as the programming part required to develop the back end of the website. This area of the website cannot be seen by visitors but it does the work required in order to present the information in a good format to the visitors. It includes the database-driven web designs which use dynamic scripting languages. It also covers database design and development.

Moreover, Web Designer is a person who uses graphic programs to create the skin of the website and other programs to bring that design to life for the web. And Web Developer is a person who develops websites using different languages and style sheets.

So, Web design is a customer-facing part of the website which means web designer is concerned with the overall look of the website and how customers interact with it. Web development is the back-end of the website which means a web developer focuses on how the site works and how customers get the things done on it.

Often companies engaged in Web design and development services, use the term “Web Design” to refer the entire development process of a website as it is more recognized term in the market.

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