Web Designing with CLASS

Content, Logical flow, Aesthetics, Simplicity and Search Engine Optimization are the five key elements to produce a winning website.

Content: The website content needs to grab visitor’s attention in order to get results as visitor’s gets bored quickly. Content should create “call to action”.

Logical flow: The navigation of website can be simple but it requires a good deal of careful thought. It should be logical.

Aesthetics: Developing first impression thru style, color, graphics and simplicity as it creates an emotional response to make website memorable which is very important in branding.

Simplicity: Clear and focused message to avoid confusion and getting results. It should be simple to make visitor’s understand the purpose of it in less than a minute.

Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization should be designed into the website to improve the design’s effectiveness. SEO plan should be planned before beginning the design with keywords research by the designers.

Best Web design company in India uses a perfect balance of these five elements to get website that meet the goals of business owners. A successful website designed with CLASS would be hard to beat.

Image Credit: https://tinyurl.com/rktade5


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