Web Development Outsourcing Web Development Trends That Are In and Those That Are Out By Elinsys, 13th Aug 2015

Web design and development is a field that sees trends change more often than any other. These trends are generally driven by value addition in terms of greater efficiency, new technology features and increased customization. Another important factor is the ease of use it offers to customers.

Here are some of the trends that changed the face of web design and development:

Java Script MV framework are in Javascript files are out

Every one used JavaScript for implementing pop ups and alert boxes etc. in today’s advanced technology world, there are so many options available that very few people actually start from scratch. Developers find it easier and convenient to use a framework rather than code from scratch. There are a lot of frameworks available for this purpose like Sencha, jQuery etc.

CSS Frameworks are in Generic cascaded style sheets are not

Generating an entire Cascaded style sheet is now getting old. Use of CSS frameworks is just too easy. It is developer friendly and adds to the convenience of styling your web apps in a better way. CSS frameworks do not work on the programming layer, but are a great boon to designers.

SVG + Java script on canvas is in Flash is out

Flash has been driving people crazy for years although the results are always artistic. Sophisticated animations and transformations can be easily achieved with Flash. Now, the Java Script framework does much of the same work. Web design and development professionals no longer feel the need to use FLASH.

Single page web apps are in Websites are out

Static websites where the browser decoded all the information are totally out and web apps with databases as back ends are in. Web apps are efficient in the use of resources and pull information directly from the databases as and when required. In short the data layer is completely separate from the presentation layer. This helps developers build more effective web apps.

Mobile web apps are in native mobile apps

With the mobile revolution came a whole new set of possibilities. Native mobile apps were very popular. But with the advent of various platforms that help build mobile web apps, made things just so simple. Web apps do not require special code for compatibility with different devices as they work on browsers.

Renting is in buying is out

Hosting websites and web apps was done locally for a long time. Huge datacenters were built by companies to accommodate for all their IT demands. Today, renting equipment and virtualization has taken over. This way of working is more efficient and proves to be better than doing everything in – house. Another important change here is the advent of cloud services. It just eliminates the need of building in – house data centers and the maintenance that goes along with it.

Overall, technology changes are always for the good of designers, developers and end users. After all, that’s what technology is supposed to do – make things easy for everyone!

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