Web Development Services Web Development Trends that will Dominate 2015 By Elinsys, 07th Jan 2015

Technologies emerge and evolve over time and some technologies go and some technologies sustain the test of time. Web Development Companies need to keep up with this ever changing scenario and follow the most recent trends to provide customers with great web experiences.

Here are the future website development trends that will dominate 2015:

Trends in usability

With user experience gaining more and more importance, responsive web design has been the hot trend of 2014 which will gain a stronger hold in 2015 due to the broad set of mobile devices with varied shapes and sizes hitting the market rapidly. Developing a separate website for mobile devices will fade and web apps and responsive web designs for websites will prevail.

Application architecture

Mobile first strategies are getting more popular rather than mobile being an option. Now – a – days, web APIs are becoming the center of Web Apps and Mobile Apps. Web developers build RESTful services on the server side and build front end apps for both web and mobile.

Rise of API driven apps

Restful APIs are becoming the key components of the Web Apps. These can be used for both web apps and mobile apps. The server side code can be written for both mobile and web apps and opens up greater opportunities for developers to work on. Mobile Backend As A Service (MBaaS) is another rising trend in 2015. Cloud platforms such as Parse and Azure Mobile Services will be used for mobile development with REST APIs.

Single page applications

With single page apps, Java Script is becoming the key technology for developing front ends. AngularJS and EmberJS and Backbone are the most popular frameworks that are used to develop SPAs. These all included will be the trend to follow in 2015.

While website development will be in demand in 2015 along with mobility options, web development technologies used will vary and new features and new functionalities will be required to satisfy business needs. With 2014 gone by and 2015 rapidly catching on, business requirements from web developers will be more and more demanding.

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