Website Content And Search Engine Ranking Factors

Let’s look at some search engine ranking factors for website content:

  • Improve-Your-SEO-Rankings-with-Quality-ContentAs stated and re-stated by webmaster guidelines – write content for users not search engines. Make the content easy to read, understand and ensure that it conveys the message across to the website visitor.
  • Quality Content: Maintain an unparalleled uniqueness and quality in your content. No duplicity. Let’s re-iterate – No Duplicity!
  • Keywords: Yes, do use keywords for optimization. But use them purely for optimization – do not over stuff keywords. It is considered as spam by search engines.
  • Keep your website content up to date with the latest information and offers. No customer would like to read an offer that was around decades back!
  • Lastly, space out your website content; do not cram it with graphics and animations and text all in one place! Clutters are difficult to read you know!

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