Website Design Service Website Design Trends and Techniques that Grab Attention By Elinsys, 02nd Nov 2020

Design that evokes feelings can encourage thought and conversation. It has the ability to make a statement. The latest trends in web design are rooted in elements that provoke thought.

Here’s what’s trending in the world of web design this month:

Designs that evoke emotions and resonate with customers

Designs that echo the sentiments of their audience resonate with them the best. This is becoming a trend and a technique that brands are using to connect better with their audience. The aim is to connect with the core audience and people who feel the same way about an issue or cause. Some designs may not be position based but use images and language that resonate with a movement or associate with a feeling without stating it directly. Web designs also help portray the corporate model and responsibility that the brand shows. This is a refreshing approach and trend that is emerging and surprisingly it is paying off too!

Abstract Art Elements

Abstract elements help portray in an appropriate way when images or photographs cannot be used. Many times, start-ups use abstract art elements to create strong visuals and portray their creativity. Mobile apps too use abstract art. It’s an easy way to create strong visual interest without actual photography. Abstract art uses elements such as geometric shapes with animation. Simple shapes and movement can be quite stunning when done well. This aesthetic works well with any type of website. Abstract concepts are simple and help you move quickly from the visuals to the text.

Thought provoking images

This is one of the most visually interesting and thought provoking way of designing a website. These types of designs feature images with a little something different or unusual those make you think. There are a lot of different ways to do this – illustrations, create imagery, animations and visual effects and 3D effects. The visual is so striking and unusual that website visitors stop and engage with the design. It sets them thinking – what do these odd images mean? What message do they convey? How did they create them? All these questions make the visitor stop and explore your website more.

Website design can be as powerful as you make it. These trends and techniques are both powerful and meaningful. They provide context into the customer’s world, time and feelings. Using all these trends puts your website on the front stage of your audience.

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